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An Evening of Cannabis

Whether you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday, you’re curious after legalization or you simply want a get-together with friends, CANNANASKIS offers a unique way to learn about and experience cannabis in a safe and comfortable setting while sharing great food through customized private dinner parties.

People have been using cannabis for thousands of years, but it has been illegal during most of our lifetime. And so, with legalization comes a lot of questions. Let us demystify marijuana to give you a better understanding of cannabis.

During An Evening of Cannabis, you’ll learn about the complete history of this beautiful plant, from its first uses 10,000 years ago to the first laws outlawing it in the 1300s, to the modern industry and legalization. We’ll also break down the difference between THC and CBD, how different types of cannabis affect you differently, how to tell “good” cannabis from “bad” and how to find the right strain for you — all over a delicious, catered meal with friends in the comfort of your home.

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LEARN about cannabis

What is THC and CBD, the difference between sativa and indica, trichomes, terpenes, how to choose a strain, the history of cannabis and more.


methods of consumption

Bongs, blunts, pipes, vapes, joints, edibles … there’s myriad ways to consume cannabis, try them to discover which method works best for you.



Enjoy a delicious meal from one of Calgary’s premier caterers as part of an evening of cannabis. Contact us to customize your menu.


Tours and experiences

Join us for one of our unique tours or choose to create your own experience.


Mountain Tours

Coming soon to the Rocky Mountain setting of Kananaskis Country.


Production facility Tours

Coming soon.


Cannabis education

Contact us to learn more about THC, CBD, terpenes and more.


CANNANASKIS was created by Dave Dormer to provide cannabis-based experiences, information and education in a safe and friendly environment.

A full-time journalist for the last 21 years with Sun Media, Postmedia, CBC and CTV, Dave has done extensive research and writing on cannabis and the cannabis industry, learning from researchers, educators, licenced producers, retailers, black market dealers and enthusiasts.

Dave is an enthusiastic and natural storyteller who is able to relate information in an open and easy-to-understand way. He also loves a good sativa-dominant strain.


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